Sunday, November 15, 2015

Angelo and Amadeo

This story takes place in a fictional town in Georgia in the early 1960s when corporal punishment of teenagers was not considered abuse. I do not condone abuse of any sort and I do not believe that the discipline addressed in this story reflects abuse. 

This story also deals with teenage homosexuality, contains violence and harsh language, including derogatory terms for homosexuality. They do not represent my views on homosexuality. They are simply part of the story, reflect the thinking of the day, and I offer apologies to anyone who might be offended by them. 

You must be 18 years of age or older to read this story. Continuing to read this story after reading the warnings and age requirements means that you meet the requirements and agree to the conditions listed above. 

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OCs:   Angelo and Amadeo
Written By:  Snarks

Angelo and Amadeo are sixteen years old in the year 1963, attending a Georgia High School.


Angelo Benedetto Di Marco (Born in 'Little Italy' New York).

Angelo's family:


Giosua (Joshua) and Julia (Lombardi) Di Marco 


Matteo (Matthew) Giosua Di Marco (30)
Wife: Martina (Dennison) Di Marco
Children: Joshua (5) Dominick (3)

Marco (Mark, Iggy) Ignacio Di Marco (28)
Wife: Natalia Giada (Siavo) Di Marco
Children: Peter (4) Matthew (2)

Luca (Luke) Niccolo Di Marco (23)
Fiancée: Rosalia Delores Albini
No children

Gianni (John) Raphael Di Marco (21)
Girlfriend: Heather Lynn Thompson
No children

Pietro (Peter) Emanuel Di Marco (Deceased)

Paolo (Paul) Felice Di Marco (19)
Girlfriend: Teresa Cabrera
No children

Angelo Benedetto Di Marco (16)


Amadeo Christoforo Rossi (moved with his family to Georgia from Italy when he was five.)

Amadeo's Family:


Gianbattista (Johnny) and Fortunata (Natie Panettiere) Rossi


Giovana (Gia) Michele (Rossi) Campbell (30)
Husband: Daniel Campbell
Children: Keith and Kevin (4)

Santa (Rene) Renata (Rossi) Martinez (29)
Husband: Alejandro Martinez
Child(ren): Michael (2)

Dante (Dan, Seb) Sebastiano Rossi (27)
Wife: Beth Ann Taylor-Rossi (pregnant)

Carmela (Carmie, El) Elena Rossi (25)
Boyfriend: Benjamin Keller
No children

Gabriel (Gabe) Ambrosi Rossi (22)
Girlfriend: Theodora (Teddi) Platt
No children

Theresa (Misa) Marie Rossi (20)
Boyfriend: Kevin Torres
No children

Constantin (Con) Patrizio Rossi (17)   
Girlfriend: Maritza Alves          
No children

Amadeo ('Deo, Dae) Christoforo Rossi (16)