Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bartender! Another Insult, Please! Part 6

Beckett Reed and Samiyo Datoru
Original Characters 
Written by Snarks 

Beginning March 2014

It was another week before we could see each other, since our schedules clashed, and even as the owner of my gallery I couldn't justify taking off too many nights, especially when we had a huge showing like tonight.  However, we did talk frequently on the telephone and sent emails or texts when we weren't able to talk.  I did receive several calls from his little brother, 'just to chat'.  I found the conversations enlightening and enjoyable.

We had finally made a date to get away for Wednesday night and Thursday when the gallery and bar would both be next to empty.  We hadn't any set plans other than to go to my apartment to have a homemade dinner, and relax in each other's company.

Other than chaste kisses I hadn't made any real moves on him yet, but I hoped tonight to get more than a taste of his full lips, and perhaps convince him to stay the night.  I'd found that while I was wildly attracted to him, and according to his brother the feeling was mutual, I fantasized frequently about simply holding him close, falling asleep with my chin on his shoulder, feeling the smooth warmth of his skin, the steady rise and fall of his chest as he breathed.

That Wednesday he was scheduled to get off at nine so I went in at eight thirty to sit and nurse a beer while I watched him work.  I heard him as soon as I saw him, fending off amorous customers and joking with the wait staff.

"Hey Sam!  I had a guy complain to me that you're a smart !@#.  I stood up for you though buddy!  I told him you're just an !@#."

"Jonah, you marvelous man you, thank you."  Sam replied sweetly, "Oh and by the way, tomorrow is trash day so remember to stay inside while the trucks are coming by."

"!@#$ head." Jonah laughed as he picked up his orders.

"Nik ni ọwọ rẹ ki o si gba labara ara rẹ ni oju."  Sam replied as he bowed toward his coworker.

"You bet my wish is your command, smart !@#."  Jonah quipped back.

I'd heard him say that before to Crow, but there was something in my Sam's smile and the sly cant of his eyes that told me, without doubt, that was not what he'd said.

One woman wouldn't stop hitting on him as he worked and I couldn't help but to smile.  I felt that I knew him well enough to know that even if he were interested in women, she wouldn't be on his list.  She was loud and wore entirely too much make up and perfume.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!! I'm talkin' to ya!  HEY!  What's your problem?  Your mother raise you to ignore a lady?"

His face froze into an expressionless mask for a moment at the mention of his mother, then he turned to look at the woman.  "I never ignore a lady,” he said pointedly, before turning his back on her to wait on his other customers.

"Hey! HEY!  Are you always an !@#$%^&* or do you only act this way when I'm around!?"  She countered.

"You do manage to annoy me, I'm afraid." He said sadly.

"What! Now you're sayin' I annoy you?  I annoy you!?"

"Oh, not all the time, sweetheart," he was quick to reassure her,  "Only when you breathe."

She sat for several seconds, mouth opening and closing although thankfully no sound emerged.  Finally, she slammed her hand down on the bar, got up noisily and flounced away. I winced when I saw the seams of her silver lame’ dress stretch dangerously tight over her more than ample hips.  

I have no problem with large women.  As a matter of fact, I have to admit to myself that if I did fancy women, I would fancy larger women over their skinnier counterparts.  But I did have a problem with people of any size wearing clothing that was obviously too tight or too loose on them. 

It wasn't long before yet another person tried to hit on him.

"Of course, I'd love to go out with you," I heard Sam say as he smiled that coy, enticing smile that sends jolts through my body.  "We'll make it a threesome!  This is my boyfriend. Isn't he delicious?"  Sam continued, coming around the bar to embrace me.  The words 'My boyfriend.' rang in my ears. I looked down at Sam and then gave the other man an appraising look.

The patron looked at me, blanched until he was nearly as white as I am, apologized as he paid his tab and quickly made his way to the side exit.

I didn't know whether to be offended or not.  I'm just a hair over six feet and athletically built, but I don't exactly picture myself as Herman Munster.  I looked questioningly at Sam.

"Oh, you have no idea, do you?  That makes you even sexier,"  he purred.

"OK, so clue me in?"  I smiled, nibbling at his ear and neck, inhaling his cologne as he drew me away from the bar and into the darkened, currently unused coat room.

"You have that lovely, exotic, pale skin and a face like an angel, but when you get angry or jealous your eyes turn nearly white with just a hint of pale blue, like an iceberg.   It's thrilling, frightening, and ever so sexy at the same time. Guys who see that don't know whether to jump your bones or wet their pants,"  he joked.

"Oh, marvelous," was my wry reply as he continued to kiss my neck.  I put my finger gently beneath his chin and directed his lips up to mine, conveying with that one kiss what I didn't seem able to tell him verbally at the moment.

His eyes widened and he licked his lips before standing on his toes to kiss me back, long and hard.  The jolts of electricity became full on lightning strikes.

"You know, I thought..."  I said breathlessly.

He drew back slightly and in a sad tone replied, "A thought crossed your mind?  Oh, the poor thing!  It must have had a long, lonely journey." 

"Hey!  Aim that somewhere else, little boy!"  I replied sternly as he laughed. 

"Whatever you say, my little schlemiel,"  he said, wrapping his arms more tightly around my neck.  

I surprised him by swatting him on the rump.  He drew his hands back to cover his backside.  "I can't believe you just did that!"  he gasped.

"If you aim that sarcasm at me again I'll give you more than one swat, understand me?"

"I... I... you... you..."  he stammered.

"You will not sharpen that tongue on me," I said firmly, pinning him with my gaze.  "or call me names. And as far as some of the things you say to the customers here, that is going to be toned down.  Quite a bit.  Understand me?"

"I don't... you can't... I..."  Large, black-rimmed amber eyes seemed glued to mine.

"Samiyo Datoru," I said more gently, watching as he nervously licked those full lips, "I am not the enemy.  I have no intention of leaving you.  From the moment I saw you I knew you were what was missing from my life, and I'm not going to let it go for any reason."

Softening my expression and my stance.  "Now, if you would still like to go home and have dinner we can do that.  If you'd rather take the time to think about what I said then I understand, and I'll drop you off at your apartment."

"No... n-no t-that's all right..."  He stuttered.  "I'll just go... go home.  I mean, I'll walk,"  he replied.

I opened my mouth to tell him that I was giving him a ride but he turned and all but ran into the kitchen.  I would have followed him but I was stopped by Gordon, who refused to let me pass.

"Come on Gord!  I'm family!"

"Insurance regs, Beck, you know that.  Besides, after the debacle with the dishes, Pop said you were banned."

"Oh, come on Gord!  That happened when I was twenty!  And if I remember, your father took strips out of me for it!"

Gordon put his arm around me and lead me toward the bar where Gary had just arrived to start his shift.  "You just have a seat and a cola and then go home,"  he said kindly, "Whatever happened with you two, you'll work it out, just give him time."

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "He's been a lot kinder... a lot sweeter since he met you.  You're good for him.  Don't f*** it up."  Then he patted me on the shoulder and went to make his rounds.

I left my cola untouched and went to stand by my car, but there was no sign of my Sam.  Finally, I went home and laid down on my bed, thinking about my Sam and his eyes, before I fell asleep to dream about his kisses.


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